Phatassedangel69 - Mommy Misses You

Phatassedangel69 – Mommy Misses You

It’s saturday night and you’re lying in bed trying to drift off, but you hear a gentle knock at your door. Your mom walks in, she’s had an insanely long day at work and you’ve had a really long day yourself. She asks you how your day has been and asks if it’s okay if she spends a little time with you. Mommy talks about how much she misses you, and how much she misses spending quality time with you. She gets really close to you, and whispers softly. She starts to reminisce about last summer, and all the naughty memories the two of you made. She talks about how everyone would stare when the two of you would makeout at the movie theater, how horny you would get after practice, and rubbing your cock under the dinner table each night. She misses that more than anything. Mommy wants to start using her son for sex again like this past summer. She notices you getting hard and takes your cock out, teasing it with her hand. She makes out with you as she whispers filthy little desires to you. She toys with you and teases you until she convinces you to let her suck your cock. It’s been so long, and Mommy knows how good her mouth must feel. She goes slow, teasing you with excruciating pleasure until you give into her plans to keep those summer flings going year round. She sucks and licks your cock, swirling her tongue around and urging you to cum for her, right into mommy’s mouth. You can’t resist and you fill your mom’s pretty mouth with your cum, she loves it so much that she plays with the cum in her mouth and on her hand, spitting it out and sucking it back in and licking up as much of it as she can. She loves when you cum for her. Mommy gets so horny after tasting her son once more, and you’re still hard, she asks you to come back to her room for the night.. Mommy’s not done with you yet.

Phatassedangel69 - Mommy Misses You

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