Natalie Wonder - Mommy's Dirty Little Lullaby

Natalie Wonder – Mommy’s Dirty Little Lullaby

It’s time for your nap-time baby. Don’t worry step-mommy’s right here. I’m not going anywhere. Go to rest little one. It’s step-mommy’s favorite time…when you’re fast resting. You want step-mommy to sing you to rest? Okay….Rock a bye babyyyyyy…That’s it…close your eyes. That’s my good baby boy. I’ll be right here, next to you…touching you, caressing you…Step-Mommy knows it’s soothing for her little one. It’s our special bonding time together. Of course you’re resting but, that’s alright. Better for step-mommy to take advantage of her sweet little one. Look at how tiny…your little dick. What if it always stays this tiny? Don’t worry..step-mommy will love and care for you no matter what, in my own bad step-mommy way…with my warm hands, warm wet mouth. Mmmm touching you like this gets step-mommy warm down there. Step-Mother and her both need some satisfaction….

Natalie Wonder - Mommy's Dirty Little Lullaby

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