Penelope Peach - Fuck Pregnant Mommy or You're Grounded

Penelope Peach – Fuck Pregnant Mommy or You’re Grounded

Your mom calls you into her room where you find her in a totally see through bodysuit. What the hell? Things get even weirder when she ask you to close and lock the door… She starts talking about how she’s been craving cock since she’s been pregnant and your dad just can’t keep up. She really needs a good pounding and she’s decided you’re going to do it. At first you refuse, its just way too weird! You can’t possibly fuck your mom! But then she says she’s seen your search history and knows about your fetish for pregnant women. She’s right but still… Its so wrong. She has one final card to play. She knows about the party you’ve been dying to go to this weekend. If you don’t give Mommy the hard fuck she wants she’ll ground you. You really want to go and your cock HAS been aching this whole time… You finally agree and get to work. Mommy sucks your hard, throbbing dick commenting on how big its gotten. Finally you slide into her tight pregnant pussy and start giving her the pounding she’s been desperate for. Shes so fucking wet and horny it isn’t long before she cums hard on your dick. You get ready to pull out and leave but mommy says your job isn’t done yet. She wants your load dripping from her cunt and she reminds you she could still ground you. With how hard you are it isnt long before you pump her full of your hot cum. You watch it drip out and the feeling makes her even hornier. She fingers herself and rubs her cum drenched clit while you watch. She cums again and tells you what a good boy you are for helping Mommy cum twice.


Penelope Peach - Fuck Pregnant Mommy or You're Grounded

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