Penelope Peach Fetish - Mommy's P1ss Perv Gets CEI Punishment

Penelope Peach Fetish – Mommy’s P1ss Perv Gets CEI Punishment

You’ve always been obsessed with following Mommy into the bathroom and shes puts up with it until the day she finds her dirty underwear in your drawer. You’ve clearly been using them for some type of perverted reason. Well now Mommy is going to make your dreams come true. She has you come into the bathroom where she stands in the shower and teases you, noticing that you’re getting hard and giving you some JOI. Soon all your biggest fantasies are coming true as she gives you the panties right off her body and tells you to sniff deep as you jerk your cock to her. She even gives you a cum countdown as she puts her leg on the shower wall and pisses right in front of you. You blow a huge load and can’t believe your luck until She reveals this has been for punishment all along. She instructs you to lick all that cum up off your hand while she tells you what a sick freak you are. As you finally lick up the last drops she barks to get out. Little does she know that this has only strengthened your obsession…


Penelope Peach Fetish - Mommy's P1ss Perv Gets CEI Punishment

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