Oh…hey honey, what are you doing in here? Are you okay? You look kind of frazzled. Wha-what? I’m sure you’re fine, you have nothing to worry about. Don’t worry about other guys’ sizes, every guy brags about their dicks being so big, but most guys have a pretty normal dick – like your step-father’s, he’s average. Yours is probably not small at all. I think you’re just obsessing. Are you watching too much porn where the guys have really insane, big ones? It’s not realistic.
You wanna show me? No, no, I don’t need to see it, don’t show me. Why do you need me to see it? I’m sure everything’s fine, you’re probably average just like the other boys in school.
You’re not going to give up, are you? Okay, I…guess you can show me. I’m just going to give my opinion and that’s it, nothing else. And then you’ll know that there’s nothing to worry about. I guess you can go ahead and take off your pants…are your pants off?
You look average! I mean, it’s kind of limp, so I can’t really tell because some guys are growers, but even your limp dick looks average. Well then, you’re going to have to tug it a few times if you want me to look at it while it’s full erect. Give it a few tugs. I’ll look away to give you your privacy while you do that. There’s nothing to be nervous about, I’m your step-mother. You don’t have to be shy – you’re the one who wanted me to look at it!
It seems like you’re having a hard time…come over here, let Step-Mommy help you. Step-Mommy’s going to help you get it nice and hard, and once I give you my opinion, you can get up out of here with the understanding that your dick isn’t small. Let me know when it’s at full erection. I already feel it getting bigger and harder in my hand.
You don’t have to look at me, I’m not looking at you. It looks normal, it’s definitely not a small penis. You also don’t have a monster penis, which you should be grateful for, because you’d be scaring girls away. Your dick looks just like your step-father’s dick. And I’ve been with your step-father and we obviously had no problem with his dick because you’re here.
You should have no problem with girls. There’s nothing to worry about. In fact, you look a little above average – a lot of girls will like that. But now you have a hard-on. It’s going to hurt if you don’t take care of it, you know? You’re going to have to cum. You want Step-Mommy to take care of it? I can show you how a girl would enjoy someone with your dick size, and meanwhile, we’ll take care of that hard-on, okay?


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Scene One: Step Mom Is Desperate
My step-mom came to visit me at my new job, and she can clearly see that I am a big shot at work! She confesses to me that she is having some financial troubles and she really needs my help. “How is this my problem?!” I ask her. “It’s not your problem! But I really need money, sweetheart,” she tells me. She offers to work for me and make some money that way. “Please give me a chance and I won’t let you down!” she begs me. I tell her that I’m not sure if she’s the right person for the job, but I am willing to let her prove to me that she can do the job. “You are going to have to do some things that you might not want to do… I will need you to be naked around my office all the time!” I tell her. She thinks I am kidding at first, but I tell her that I am completely serious. “I will give you cash if you get naked for me and do some other things for me…” I tell her. She is unsure about what to do, but she really needs the money! I show my step-mom a stack of cash and she starts to strip out of her clothes for me. She takes off her bra and undies and before I know it, she is completely naked in front of me! “It’s nice having you on board, step-mom!” I exclaim. I tell my step-mom to walk out and leave my crowded office, completely naked! She must humiliate herself if she wants this stack of cash! She is nervous, but she does what she is told!

Scene Two: Why Are you Not Naked Step-Mom
I walk in to my step-mom’s house and she is fully clothed in the kitchen. “What are you wearing?! GET NAKED!” I demand. She laughs because she thinks I am joking. “I am serious! Take off your clothes right now or you are fired!” I exclaim. She starts to strip out of her clothes for me, because she is afraid of losing all of the money that I plan to give her. Once she is fully naked, I demand that she get down on her knees in front of me. I pull my hard cock out, right in front of her face. “Don’t be afraid of it! Give it a little kiss!” I exclaim. I convince her to put my cock in her mouth and give me a blowjob. “I haven’t had dick in so long! And you do have a really nice cock!” she admits to me. She keeps sucking on my cock and my step-mom isn’t too bad at this at all! “Stand up now, step-mom!” I tell her. I tell her to lean up against the kitchen counter so I can fuck her. She grabs her glass of wine and takes another sip first. I shove my hard cock inside of her pussy and she starts to apologize for being a mean step-mom towards me back in the day. After a few minutes, I cum inside of her. “Did you just cum?!” she asks me. “That’s part of our deal!” I remind her.

Scene Three: Step-Mom Cleans My Cock
I walk in to the living room to find my step-mom vacuuming and she is completely naked, like I asked of her. “You are dressed appropriately!” I tell her. “I’ll be right back step-mom, but you should keep cleaning!” I say. I walk back up to her quickly and I grab her big, natural tits. I push her down on the couch and I instantly shove my hard cock inside off her pussy. “You are taking your new job very well!” I tell her. I keep fucking her pussy harder and she tells me that I can do whatever I want to her. I know that she is so focused on the stacks of cash that I am giving her, that she does anything I want now and I love it! “This deal of ours is really starting to pay off for me!” she exclaims, while I fuck her. I flip her over in to the doggy style position and I fuck her pussy from behind while her big ass bounces up and down. “May I cum on your cock?” she asks me. “Yes, you may,” I give her permission. I fuck her in the missionary position next. When I get close to cumming, I make her get down on her knees and I jerk my cock off in her mouth. She swallows it all, like a good step-mom should!
***Nikki Brooks Exclusive First Time Swallow!!!***

Scene Four: Step-Mom Has a Secret
My step-mom has a little chat with my step-dad and she is so angry with him, that she confesses to my step-dad that she has been fucking me! “Your son had a solution to my financial crisis after you screwed me over with that divorce! Your son fucks me all the time now!” she laughs at him. She calls me in to the room and I get on top of my step-mom, right in front of my step-dad. “How does it feel that your son is about to cuckold you!?” she asks. I lick my step-mom’s nipples before I shove my cock inside of my step-mom, while my step-dad sits in the room watching us. My step-mom keeps talking down to my step-dad while I keep fucking her in the missionary position. “I’m cumming all over my son’s cock now!” she moans. I fuck my step-mom until I creampie her pussy while my step-dad continues to watch!


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Wait a minute… OH MY GOD!!! What are YOU doing down there… WATCHING YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER FUCKING?!?!?!!!
You fucking pervert. I knew you were a pervert. I KNOW you’ve done this before. Now, I’ve fucking caught you.
You want to watch us fuck, then WATCH US.
Come out of hiding and watch everything I do with your father. Every moan, scream, quiver, and bounce. Watch it all!
And you’re going to jerk while you watch, you little pervert. You’re going to make yourself come while you watch your mother and father fuck.

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Scene One: Dare You Not To Get Hard
I am really bored at home this afternoon and I want to find something to do! My step-mom, Cory, walks in to the kitchen wearing a tight, red dress. She looks really slutty as she tells me that she wants to play a game with me! She starts to rub my cock over my shorts, and that makes me feel nervous! Cory starts to giggle as she strips out of her dress in front of me and she tells me to put my phone down. I feel really awkward because I’ve been living with my step-mom for a while now, and this is weird! She grabs my hands and makes me feel her big, enhanced tits. She sits on my lap and she starts to give me a lap dance, to try and get my cock hard! She gets down on her knees and she pulls my cock out of my shorts. She starts to lick my cock up and down and then she shoves it all in her mouth! This is unbelievable! She wraps her big tits around my cock and she titty fuck’s my cock. She keeps giving me a blowjob until I cum in her mouth! Then, I run out of the room because I am confused about what just happened!! “Where are you going?! I wasn’t done playing with you yet!” Cory yells after me.

Scene Two: Dare You To Just Put in The Tip
I am sitting on the couch watching a movie with my step-mom, Cory. “Where did you run off to yesterday?!” she starts to question me. “What happened between us was really awkward for me, step-mom” I tell her. She tells me that she will be quiet now and let me watch my movie… Thank goodness! Out of the corner of my eye, I can see my step-mom rubbing her tits and I don’t know why she is acting so slutty and weird?! She won’t leave me alone and she keeps talking during the movie! She tells me how she used her vibrator earlier but it wasn’t the same as a cock! “How about you pretend that I’m somebody else and then you can fuck me!” she suggests. “Step-Mom! No! What the Hell?!” I ask her. She starts to rub my cock with her hand as she asks me to just stick the tip of my cock inside of her. She pulls her big tits out and she makes me rub her tits. I’m not really in to her but I give in anyway, because she won’t leave me alone! She pulls my cock out and she starts to give me a blowjob. She tells me that I can imagine that she is the actress from my movie, so I try to close my eyes and pretend she is a different person. She lies down on the couch and she spreads her legs in front of me. “Just stick the tip in, sweetie!” she demands. I stick the tip in and then I ask her if we can go back to watching the movie yet. “Come on! Just a little more! You can stick it all the way in!” she begs me. I start to fuck my step-mom in the missionary position and she keeps moaning loudly! She flips over in to the doggy style position and I fuck her pussy from behind. Then she rides my cock in the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl position! I accidentally cum inside of her pussy and then I run off to my bedroom! This is officially getting too awkward…

Scene Three: Morning Sex
I am napping in my bed one morning when my step-mom sneaks in to my bedroom. She starts to rub my cock with her hands and I am really starting to believe that my step-dad married a mentally unstable woman! She is acting beyond strange! She pulls my cock out and she starts to give me a blowjob. I open my eyes and I jump up! “Step-Mom! What are you doing?!” I ask her. I tell her how weird this is but she tells me that she needs more of my cock! “Didn’t you get enough earlier?!” I ask her. “I can never get enough!” she tells me. She keeps giving me a blowjob and then she hops on top of me and she rides my cock. She rides my cock for a few minutes and then she lies down on her back and she asks me to fuck her. I fuck her pussy until I get close to cumming and then I pull my cock out and I jerk my cock off in to her mouth and on her face… Now hopefully she will finally leave me alone and let me go back to bed!


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We have a special relationship as stepmother and stepson. closer than most…closer than we should. so close, in fact, that you feel comfortable teasing me about my high-waisted stepmom jeans! the nerve! of course, i know you adore me in all of my outfits, and your friends do too, you’re just trying to get a rise out of me and make me put you in your place. your friends call me a milf you know, and i know just what that means. what would they think if they knew that i was a Step-Mom *you* liked to fuck? my own stepson…i tease you in my tight new denim which fits me like second skin. your stepmother has a body like no other, and you are addicted. i tell you that it is a school night so no fucking, but i will drain your balls as i do every other day. i remind you of the house rules. you aren’t allowed to have a girlfriend or to have sex, and why would you want to, when your Step-Mother does it best? i dirty talk to you reminding you of our recent sexcapades and you can’t resist obeying my every command. you were always taught to obey your Step-Parents and your stepmother makes it so easy…and pleasurable. finally i allow you to come all over my new jeans, how do you like these stepmom jeans now?


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You are growing up, stepmother’s love, you are becoming a man … that’s why this comes out of your penis … stepmom makes us farts over it.


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You love seeing stepmommy in thigh high socks and a tiny slutty skirt and sports bra, and you love stepmommy’s feet! What a horny stepmommy you have, she strips off her thigh high socks and sports bra and gives you a footjob, then, your stepmom can’t resist your cock, she bounces her pussy on your big cock, watching her big booty bounce it doesn’t take long before you explode! You give stepMommy a creampie and watch it drip out of her pussy. StepMom catches the cum dripping out of her and rubs it on her feet and licks it off. What a naughty stepMom and you are indeed a lucky Son! * This was a custom order, no names are used.


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Look at you laying there with two broken arms from doing something silly to impress some girl. She wasn’t worth it, was she? You’ve been couped up in this room for a few days and it’s time you had a nice bath. Don’t worry, you don’t have to leave the bed. I know how to get you all clean and fresh while you lay there. This part might be awkward for you but just focus on me and our chat and it will all be okay. Spread your legs a little for me, I need to wash your penis. I’ll be quick. There, that wasn’t so bad was it? Oops, looks like you enjoyed it a bit too much. It would be wrong of me to leave you in such a hard state and not have any free hands to do anything about it. I guess it wouldn’t hurt if just this one time I relieved the build up for you. Lay back and relax, step-mommy has this all under control.


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