Noelle Easton - Mommy's New Thong Corrupted You

Noelle Easton – Mommy’s New Thong Corrupted You

I’m bored! What is my handsome young son up to this afternoon?! What did you learn at school? You look kind of flushed again… hmmm … did that pretty teacher make your little kiddie dick tingle again today? Hey, I bet your Mommy can make you even more flustered, look at my new thong! It’s so bright and skimpy, and you can see right through my pants! Wow, it really turns Mommy on when you say I look pretty! Hmm, you can’t take your eyes off Mommy now, can you? What a naughty son to be looking at his Mommy this way! You want to see more? Why do you want to look at your 28 year old mommy anyways? Your eyes follow every move as I tease my tight yoga pants down my curves, showing off my tight pussy and ass in my bright new thong. Sometimes Mommies give their sons confusing feelings and you just have to let it out! Let your developing, hairless penis get as hard as it wants to and push it into Mommy! It’s like your sensitive young penis head is leading you straight into my warm, welcoming pussy! You’re getting better and better at making Mommy feel good! Even my 31 year old friend from our naughty threesome last week said your young fresh kiddie dick was better than any mans! I’m so proud of my son that I’m inviting her over again to get more of the kiddie cock she loves with me!


Noelle Easton - Mommy's New Thong Corrupted You

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