Nina Crowne - StepMom Continues Public Humiliation

Nina Crowne – StepMom Continues Public Humiliation

Follow up video to StepMom Plans Your Public Humiliation. Your public humiliation has been going on for some time now and your stepsister has proven herself to be cruel when it comes to acting it out. You come home crying and as you’re about to get into the shower, your stepmom comes in to see what the problem is. She asks why you’re so dirty, why you have all these terrible slurs written all over your body, and why your ugly dick is hard again. You won’t talk so she takes off her leather belt and slaps your cock with it. As you’re about to start telling the story, she reveals to you that she’s known all along and starts to laugh. The female director of your school already called and told her about the humiliation you suffered at the hands of all those girls while you were tied up in the bathroom today. She’s seen all the pictures and videos from the event and is so proud of those girls for treating you like the pervert you are. In great detail she recalls the events from the day, pausing only to spank you with her leather belt when you start crying. She recalls how they hit you with their rulers, stomped and beat your dick against the toilet rim, took pictures and videos, shoved slim markers down your urethra, and laughed and teased you the entire time. It truly made her day to hear about this happening. But now you need to go get into the shower or you’ll be late for your dental appointment with her sister…and they have even more humiliation planned for you there while you face your dental phobia.


Nina Crowne - StepMom Continues Public Humiliation

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