Natashas Bedroom - Mommy Makes You Her Cuckold

Natashas Bedroom – Mommy Makes You Her Cuckold

You’re heading up to bed for the night when mom calls you over for a chat. She looks so hot in her nightgown — you can even see her panties peaking out! You can’t help yourself from getting a totally inappropriate boner. She gently leans towards you and begins… “You might have noticed that mom has been going on a lot of dates since the divorce from dad. It’s common with divorcees, you know, dating lots of different men, but I understand it can be hard for a son. Especially such a sensitive little guy like you. And I’ve been wondering how you’re feeling about all this, honey…” You don’t want to admit that you’ve been jealous. It’s a weird feeling seeing mom with a different man each night, especially when they’re all so much more masculine than you. You know you’re a wimp, and you know mom knows it, too. Seeing these hot guys with their chiseled jaws and strong bodies take mom out has been hard on your ego. Especially when you consider what they’re doing to her after the dates. “I know you’re probably feeling left out. You’re just a mommas boy, and it’s difficult having other men competing for mom’s attention. But my going out and being a total slut for these guys doesn’t have to get in the way of OUR relationship. In fact, it can be something that brings us closer together.” Your heart starts to beat faster. What could she mean? She reaches out to your boner and authoritatively caresses it. “You’re not a macho man, son. You’re not much of a man at all. You’re a cuckold, and as your mother, it’s my job to teach you your place in the world. Sexually, sweetie. This dickie I’m stroking right here is not made for fucking. It’s built for cucking.” You’ve never heard that word before, but when mom says it, it sound just right. She pulls down your pants, and then begins to explain. What mom tells you next blows your mind. Her words, her instructions, the plans for your future together that she lays out…well, it all makes you feel beyond hard and beyond humiliated. You have to admit that you’re a little overwhelmed and scared, but mommy promises she’ll guide you through every step of your new cuckold life.


Natashas Bedroom - Mommy Makes You Her Cuckold

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