Natalie Wonder - Stepmom and Stepsons Happy Ending to a Hectic Week

Natalie Wonder – Stepmom and Stepsons Happy Ending to a Hectic Week

Step-Daddy just left for his trip. Did you giggle when I told step-daddy I’d relax by taking a long, hot bath? Well, step-mommy left out the fact that I’m really going to relax by sitting on your long, hard COCK. If your step-father only knew how we behaved after he left. Mmmmm it’s so thrilling doing it behind his back. We’re so naughty. Oh sweetie, you have no idea what a crazy work week step-mommy’s had. I can’t wait to fuck you. I’m on top this time. I really need to let out some stress. I had so many stressful deadlines this week. And you know what happens when step-mommy gets stressed…I get very, VERY horny for my boy’s erection. So how was your week? I feel like we hardly saw each other. We’re gonna make up for it though. Mmmmm hmmmm. Oh the thoughts I’ve had this week about your hands, your mouth and of course your penis. We’re gonna fuck all weekend because step-daddy won’t be home anytime soon. I couldn’t wait for this week to come to an end. I even took my bra off on the way home. You love watching me unbutton my blouse…then see my tits pop out. It’s a good thing I wore a skirt today. Easy access. Take your cock out. I need your cock so bad. I think about your dick every second of every day. Step-Mommy can never get enough. Sweetie, I just love you so much. I’m gonna fuck you & fuck you like a bad, horny step-mommy should. We both deserve a happy ending after a very stressful week.


Natalie Wonder - Stepmom and Stepsons Happy Ending to a Hectic Week

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