Kathia Nobili - Youre Alpaha Man Mom Musts Know

Kathia Nobili – Youre Alpaha Man Mom Musts Know

Your mom is just not realizing what is going on! You are not her little baby boy any more! And she can’t treats you that way. You are grown man, how she can’t see that! Few years ago when your mom walk around in the lingerie, it didn’t effect you. Or when she comes to say good night to you in her nightie and smell so good…it making you crazy now!!! More and more often you having pervert dreams about your mother!!! Hell…you wish to take her a s a man, you wish to have her as your lover!!! You can’t get rid of this fantasy! This is all you can think of!!! Every time, when you seeing your mom, are you close to her….your cock starts to pump. And you having trouble to cover your erection! And today….it is the worst!!! Mom making fun of you and made you to come with her to the home gym, to work up on your manly muscles. But all you can do is watching her…you can’t stop!!! In those tight pants….how she is banding….opening her legs during the exercise!!! She looks so fucking hot…well…you always loved the fitness clothing but on your mother it just looks so fucking hot!!! Yeah….that’s the last thing you were missing!!! Your mother is asking you to help her with starching!!! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK…all you have in your head right now. Touching her, grabbing her tights, feeling her warm body…feeling her beautiful butt!!! There is no way back!!! You are completely hard!!! Your cock is now as a rock and your head is not any more driving you!!! You completely lost! You need to feel your mother!!! You want to fuck her!!! But your mom is pushing you away!!! That’s make you even hornier!!! Time to show your mother you are the man now!!! Not her baby boy any more!!! You hold her strongly with your hands, so your mother can move, can’t escape!!! Amazing feeling for you…you are strong man…who can do to his mother anything, he just want!!! You start to pulling down her pants…she try to hold them…but she does not have chance….your hard cock driving you right in to her pussy!!! And you don’t want to stop….you want that…you want to fuck your mother!!! And here, no one will hear her scream!!! You push her down, spread her legs and just stuck your stiff cock deep inside her pussy!!! You are the man here…you are only man for her and from now on….you’ll fuck your mother when you want and where you want!!! You fucking her so strong…drill her tight pussy!!! Gosh…you are on fire!!!! This is just your moment…you never told you’ll be able to compel your own mother…but…it so fucking intense!!! You feel like you will explode….you want to cum…make her feel your milf….her son’s sperm!!! And to prove to her, you are the alpha man…you are strong…you are her lover from now…you push your mom down on her knees and cum….cum all over her face!!! Give her nice…warm facial!!!


Kathia Nobili - Youre Alpaha Man Mom Musts Know

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