Lana Luxor - Momma's House of Scissor Holds

Lana Luxor – Momma’s House of Scissor Holds

You wake up to find your mom’s foot on your chest. She is smirking as she shakes her head at you. She says she has been knocking you out over and over and that explains why you’re unable to remember anything prior. She trash talks about how pathetic and wimpy you look on the floor as you are occasionally snorting and convulsing. She starts asking you rhetorical questions about how it feels to be knocked out by your own momma. She tells you she knocked you out because you were acting cocky around the house and she had to show you who’s in charge. She reminds you of how she was a wrestling champion when she was younger and how dare you think you can take her as she strokes and slaps her thighs. She asks you if you learned your lesson, to this you shake your head no, trying to save whatever ounce of dignity you have left. Your momma gets down on the ground and begins to put you in another tight scissor hold and knocks you out again. You wake up to find her foot back on your chest as she taunts you some more. After she threatens to knock you out, you shake your head yes that you have had enough and she flexes her biceps as she victory poses. Then she tells you if you don’t wash the dishes, she will knock your sorry ass out again before leaving.


Lana Luxor - Momma's House of Scissor Holds

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