Kitty LeRoux - Mommy Wants to Be An E-girl

Kitty LeRoux – Mommy Wants to Be An E-girl

When your plain-Jane mom finds a container of liquid in your drawer, she has no idea what an e-girl is…but as soon as she finds out how lucrative it is, she’s curious….VERY curious– so much so that several days later, you’re shocked when she calls you in to show you a surprise: She’s gone out and got herself her own version of Belle Delphine’s e-girl outfit–and she has plans…lots of them. Something has gotten into her. She’s talking differently–she’s more confident, she’s…sexy? It’s all confusing but it’s like she’s trying to seduce you. Mommy wants you to help her start an empire. Mommy is an E-MILF and she wants to prove to you that she has what it takes. You can’t help but be turned on. Give in, lay back, and let Mommy show you exactly why she’s going to be a stand-out.

Kitty LeRoux - Mommy Wants to Be An E-girl

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