Kelly Payne - Teacher Inspires Bad Students

Kelly Payne – Teacher Inspires Bad Students

You and your two trouble making friends have been sent to your teachers home for a private tutoring lesson so you do not fail the class. She sits you all down and tells you exactly what she expects from each of you and briefly steps away. When she comes back she notices your guilty faces and giggles, and then she finds the notes you have been passing around. Sexual doodles of you boys fucking your teacher… she’s discussed and upset and has you break for lunch. When she comes back she notices you staring at her tits… which gives her an idea. She unbuttons her top exposes her cleavage and tells you three if you can pass these tests she’ll do everything you drew in the notes. She steps away while you three take the test and returns to grade them… To her absolute shock… you all passed. She admits she didn’t think you guys would pass and offers you all higher grades or no homework for the rest of the year… but you boys insists she follows through. She reluctantly removes her clothes and comes into her sons room. She starts by sucking all your cocks, getting more and more aroused and turned on as she does. Then asking who’s going to fuck her first. You all take turns fucking your teacher and she even has two of you fuck her at the same time shoving both your cocks into her pussy while sucking off your friend. You all fuck her and watch her bring herself to squirting orgasms and then finish all over your teachers face. Naughty boys.

Kelly Payne - Teacher Inspires Bad Students

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