Kelly Payne - Mom's special Christmas Icing

Kelly Payne – Mom’s special Christmas Icing

You & Mom are snowed in, looks like you’ll have to make yourselves comfy. Mom wants to watch a Christmas movie with you but your craving cookies, good thing your mommy’s sweet boy. Mom goes to the kitchen and starts prepping for the cookies, taking her nightgown off exposing her bra & panties, unaware of your interest in mom’s body she continues to work on the cookies. Once the cookies make it to the oven, mom realizes your out of MILK! How are you going to decorate your cookies without icing? She decides to use her own breastmilk to make extra special icings for your Christmas cookies. She notices your interest in watching her make the icing but doesn’t fully catch on until your both dipping the cookies into the icing. Intrigued by your interest and arousal she teases you and starts rubbing the frosting all over her tits and sucking & licking the icing off, spraying breastmilk everywhere and sucking big mouth fulls letting it spill down her naked body. Even turning herself on in the process and fingering herself until she makes a different kind of mess… Then shortly after inviting you into mommy’s room so she can take care of that boner of yours, you clearly want her to. (VS POV w/dildo) You fuck mommy and fill her up with your special icing, and then finish by finally watching that movie mom wanted to watch.


Kelly Payne - Mom's special Christmas Icing

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