Katie71 - Mom's Best Friend

Katie71 – Mom’s Best Friend

When I was younger I always had a huge crush on my mom’s best friend and when I would go to her house I would go to her bathroom and get her dirty panties so I could jerk off to them. Once I smelled her I was hooked and have always wanted to fuck her. Well fast forward to me much older and I was at my mom’s party when she showed up. OMG she was as beautiful as ever and my mom asked me if I could talk to her about doing some projects at her house since I am a contractor. I came over to her house a few days later and she was mostly wanting to talk about us and catching up so she invited me into her living room and started expressing how much she missed me and even told me she remembers how I would steal her panties. It wasn’t long and she was showing me the panties she was wearing and we started making out which lead to full fucking and she wanted it to end with me cumming all over her face.


Katie71 - Mom's Best Friend

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