Katie71 - His Mom Took My Virginity

Katie71 – His Mom Took My Virginity

I went to my friend Ronnie’s for the weekend and his mom picked me up at the bus stop cause Daniel had to work. When she picked me up she looked sexy as ever and she started asking me about my life and my girlfriends. I explained that i am struggling cause I am a virgin and not really sure about how to act with girls. She started coming onto me and said that she could help me out and give me some pointers. On the way to the house she wanted me to fondle her breasts and she said it would be a good idea for me to get use to getting my cock felt up in the car. When we got into the house she started touching me all over and dropped to her knees and started pulling my cock out. I was amazed how good it felt and after a few minutes of sucking my dick she lead me to her bedroom and stripped off all of her clothes and we had hot passionate sex. After the sex she told me she knew all along that I was not a virgin as she was aware of other older women that I fucked.


Katie71 - His Mom Took My Virginity

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