Jocelyn Baker - Helping Mommy Get Ready for Her Date

Jocelyn Baker – Helping Mommy Get Ready for Her Date

Mommy is getting ready for her date and needs your help! Will you tell her if her outfit looks to slutty? She strips off her robe in front of you and giggles.. not like you haven’t seen it all before. You’re concentrating on keeping your boner down but you feel your cock throbbing. Mommy just looks too good with her big tits pouring out of her blouse. Plus bending over and showing you her beautiful ass in those jeans isn’t helping..
She notices your erection and instead of getting upset she starts flirting with you. Mommy had no idea you were into older women, in fact she’s flattered you find her attractive. Maybe she needs to take care of her sweet boy before she goes out tonight. She demands you pull out your cock and put it between her massive breasts. Of course you agree, you’d never say no to her. But before you know it, she’s begging to ride you.. you two have gone this far already. Why not finish off with a big creampie? Her date will have no idea her pussy is leaking your cum.

Jocelyn Baker - Helping Mommy Get Ready for Her Date

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