Jerky Wives - Nikki Brooks in Mommy - Three Months Later

Jerky Wives – Nikki Brooks in Mommy – Three Months Later

Scene 1: Celebration
Mom, wearing only a bathrobe walks into her son’s bedroom. She says good, “Good morning baby, how’s my little man today?” She walks to the side of the bed and stares into her son’s eyes for a moment. She undoes the front of her bathrobe and asks, “Do you know what today is? It’s been three months since we fucked for the first time. Let’s celebrate.” She climbs on the bed. With her bathrobe slightly open Nikki begins grinding her crotch into her son’s crotch and playing with her pussy. She asks, “Does that feel good baby? Do you like that? You want Mommy’s pussy? Do you like fucking Mommy?” She leans forwards on all fours and begins kissing her son on the lips. She is suddenly thrown on her back hands with palms out & shoulder level, she is startled for a couple of seconds and then excited. She asks, “Do you want to fuck me baby? Are you ready to fuck Mommy” She reaches down between her legs and unbuttons her son’s pajama bottoms and begins to rub the head of his dick against her clit. She says, “Ooo, that feels so good baby, that makes Mommy’s pussy so hot and wet.” She does this for may be 10-15 seconds and then says, “Now stick it in Mommy! Fuck Mommy!” She gasps and then stares intently into her son’s eyes while breathing very hard and fast for a minute or so until she closes her eyes, throws her head back and cries out as she comes.

Scene 2: Mommy Porn
Mom in her bathrobe, is sitting at a desktop computer as her son enters the room. She waves him over and helps him sit in her lap. She says, “You’re getting too big to sit in my lap, that’s okay though, you’re getting stronger and your dick is getting bigger. Mommy likes big strong men with big dicks. Now watch this, these are videos of other Sons and Mommies fucking. Just like me and you. Look how he is fucking his Mommy. See how much fun they are having? Oh, your little dick is getting hard isn’t it? I can feel it. Here give me your hand and play with my pussy while I play with your dick.” She doesn’t speak for about a minute but breathes very heavily while she concentrates on the computer screen. She lets out a small cry and the camera looks into her face. She looks into it with a shocked look and says, “That was good baby, that made Mommy feel so good. Now I’m going to do something for you.” She and her son get off the chair, she slips out of her bathrobe and gives him a blowjob. After he comes, she gently says, “I love you so much.” and kisses him on the lips.

Scene 3: The Stripper
Mom is sitting on the couch in the living room wearing a sex dress with heels. Her Son walks in and she tells him to sit on the couch. She puts on some music. While it plays she strips down well like a stripper making it very hot, throwing her clothes around, etc., have her specifically turn around bend over and spread her ass cheeks showing her asshole, she strips down completely. When the song ends, she is well away from her son. She gets down on all fours and crawls to him and gives him a blowjob. After she is finished,
After she gives her son a blowjob, Nikki crawls over to the couch, she spreads her legs and reaches back and spreads her ass cheeks. She tells her son, “Fuck me baby, fuck me up my ass, fuck Mommy up her ass.” He approaches and performs anal sex with her. “Happy Birthday baby. Mommy loves you so much.”

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Jerky Wives - Nikki Brooks in Mommy - Three Months Later

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