Jaybbgirl - Mommy Needs More Cock

Jaybbgirl – Mommy Needs More Cock

You spy on Mommy as she touches herself, but clearly doesn’t finish* Hey sweetie, can Mommy talk to you for a bit? I’m sorry I’ve been so busy today. I’m just trying to get some chores done before the week starts. Is it alright if I come in? Thank you. So, Mommy has something that she needs. It’s something that Daddy hasn’t been giving, and I desperately need it. Would you help? Because you love Mommy, right? Oh. Listen, it’s totally okay if you do, Mommy doesn’t mind. But. Are you hard right now? Your penis is very erect. You didn’t happen to see me touching myself, did you? I see. Well, the thing Mommy needs is more cock. Do you want to give it to me? Judging by how hard you are, you want Mommy to take your cock. Here. Shove it in Mommy’s mouth. It’s been so long since Mommy has sucked cock, Daddy never lets her. I crave it. It want it in my mouth, and then my pussy. Oh fuck Mommy wants it in her pussy. I need it. Let’s go to my bedroom. Now fuck me. Your cock is so much better than Daddy’s. I needed this. You really do love me. I love you too. You’re Mommy’s good boy. You can use me whenever you want, you don’t have to just spy on me anymore.

Jaybbgirl - Mommy Needs More Cock

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