Ivy Starshyne - Oops! That's Mom CUT

Ivy Starshyne – Oops! That’s Mom CUT

Before leaving for her conference, your Mom tells you to order a doll. You accidentally hit randomize and get a doll that looks just like your real Mom! This video picks up from you waking from a nap (after filling up the real doll) and stumbling into Mom’s room, believing the body on the bed is the doll… but… Oops! It’s your real Mom! She’s so tired that she’s not even fully waking up, but when she does… GASP! What on earth! What are you DOING!? You want to stop but can’t… and you swear you heard someone telling you to keep going… It was the doll on the floor! She was telling you to keep going… yes… yes… mmmmm… Meanwhile, Mom was unaware. However, after some back and forth, the two are in agreement that you should keep going. Who cares, it feels… too… good… YES! Looking for the full clip? Step-Mom and The Real Doll


Ivy Starshyne - Oops! That's Mom CUT

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