clubdinasky - Mommy's Costume Party

Clubdinasky – Mommy’s Costume Party

Mommy is hosting a very big Halloween Party and this is the first year without your father around, and she’s got some people she wants to impress while of course having a good time. She wants everything perfect, dressed in her robe before getting ready she notices you didn’t do the one thing she asked was to fill the punch bowl, she asks you nicely to please do it while she goes and finishes getting ready and then you head out to stay with your friends tonight, right? What mom doesn’t know is you have every attention of hanging out with your friends but not actually leaving. You already have your own costume picked out and you plan to trick mommy tonight. Your going to disguise yourself with something so she won’t suspect anything and as mask to cover your face and distort your voice. The party has started and mom is out there saying hello to all the guests and socializing, she’s dressed as Princess Peach, however its quite a revealing costume, showing off a lot of skin -she’s got this insane amount of cleavage, white fishnets on, and her booty is exposed, you can’t help to think that this version of your mom is turning you on. Mommy never dressed like this before, or on any Halloween before, and you want to to the unthinkable…you want to fuck mommy. You catch her eye and she’s finds you intriguing with that mask on, getting you a cup and making some small chat, she’s trying to figure out who you are, but your not giving her any of those hints, the subtle things is making her eye fuck you like crazy and somehow either the punch is getting mommy all worked up, because she is hitting on you now… the party has calmed down some and most people have moved outside to balcony or have left, and coincidently enough its you and her sitting on the couch, she’s already gotten a bit crazy exposing her tits quickly to you and now she wants your cock in her mouth. It doesn’t take much for you to say do it, because in the heat of the moment you two both want each other, and she hasn’t had cock in awhile and she’s ready to do whatever she can to make sure that changes. She starts sucking your cock, the feeling of her lips on your dick is making it throb even more, glimpses of her ass in the back, the way she’s moving, her big tits, you just want her so bad, she keeps asking to take the mask off, but you can’t let that happen, and at this point she gives up and just climbs on top of your dick. Sliding you into her tight wet pussy, she rides you and moans in pleasure on how good It feels, big tits bouncing in your face your in lust for your mommy and finally you let her take your mask off, mom shocked sits back and quickly covers up, what are you doing, this can’t be happening, you tricked mommy, how could you do this….but as the questions unfold the truth is she still has your hard cock inside of her, and she doesn’t seem to be quick to take you out…could mommy really want to keep going? Upset, and shocked it feels to good for her to say stop, so she’s decides she still wants it, she had no idea it was you, but she wants to cum and at this point she’s going to cum all over your cock. Do you want to give mommy a big load? You like fucking mommy don’t you? Mommy cums all over your cock, pauses make sure no one is coming and says she’s gonna make you cum now son. She turns around rides you with her pretty peach in your face, until you ready to unload, urging you to tell her when so she can take your load on her face…heat of moment you cum inside of her…she’s hoping you still have some cum for her face…taking out your dick and showing the cum drip from her pussy, she gets on her knees for the rest of the cum she knows you have…give it to mommy.


clubdinasky - Mommy's Costume Party

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