Hugeboobswife - Mommy Apply Medicine on Her Stepson

Hugeboobswife – Mommy Apply Medicine on Her Stepson

Your son comes home unannounced from college to find you working from home. He was really expecting to see you but it comes as a nice surprise to him. You’re dressed in the same attire as your (son saves up 1 month of cum video). You greet him and tell him it’s nice to see him. You notice his hands are all bandaged up. You ask him what happen. He said he was out camping over the weekend and had gotten terrible poison ivy. So terrible he had to come home. You feel extremely bad for him and ask him all about it. You ask him if there is anything you can do to help. He decides to take advantage of the situation. He explains to you that he has it pretty much all over his entire body. He can’t apply the lotion to relieve the pain and itching because of the bandages on his hands. He asks if you’d be able to put it on for him. Obviously, you agree and ask him where it hurts the most. He mentions it’s embarrassing but it hurts the worst from his waist down to his knees. You don’t think much of it and have him sit down. You kneel down in front of him and take his pants and underwear off. You start to apply the lotion to his thighs. He slowly starts to get erect. You try to ignore it as his cock hits and bounces around on your giant tits on “accident” here and there. Eventually, you have it all applied to his thighs. He says he’s sorry but there is one last spot that really hurts. You see what he’s hinting at. You’re reluctant but decide to help because he clearly can’t do it himself. You start to apply it to his cock. Jacking him off. Asking him if it’s helping. He says it is and keeps encouraging you to make sure you rub it in good and deep. You squeeze harder and jerk faster. Obviously to the fact that your son is taking advantage of you. He keeps encouraging you to continue until he fires a huge load all over your tits unexpectedly. You sit there in shock for a minute. Don’t really know what to say. Decide not to talk about it and go to clean yourself up….the next day you call him into your room. You’re in a robe and you tell him you know what he was trying to pull yesterday with the lotion. You tell him all he had to do was ask if he wanted to cum on his mom’s tits. You take the robe off to relieve your boobs in a nice bra. You get on your knees in front of him again. You talk dirty to him, eventually removing your bra and titty fucking him good until he pulls out and cums all over your tits.


Hugeboobswife - Mommy Apply Medicine on Her Stepson

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