Harlyn P. Rose - Possessive Step-Mommy

Harlyn P. Rose – Possessive Step-Mommy

You think sometimes that you have the most possessive Step-Mommy Domme in existence. She hates when you so much as look at another woman. If you make the mistake of talking to one, you can bet Step-Mommy will spank your ass raw the first chance she gets. She is the only woman who should matter to you. You should devote your attention solely to her. But she’s not a cruel Step-Mommy either. She knows her boy has certain needs that even the best JOI session in the world won’t satisfy. Silly you, you think only women can satisfy them. You’re wrong. Step-Mommy won’t let a woman touch you, but she has no problem calling in a man to give her boy a good seeing-to.


Harlyn P. Rose - Possessive Step-Mommy

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