Harley Sin – Mommy’s Bad Boy

** Son Finds Mommy’s Pornsite, part 2 ** Your mom is still in her room. She’s only left to refill her dr!nk. You’re waiting outside for her for just the right moment. You pretend to be very upset so her maternal instinct kicks in. She says it’s alright to come in to talk for a minute. She tells you she’s very upset, you blackmailed her! She never would have gone down on you. You ask her what she was doing before you came in, she denies it but you admit you were peeking.. you saw her touching yourself. She realizes you have an ulterior motive to coming in here… you have your hand on her thigh. She asks you to go, but you refuse. You tell her she liked it.. you spread your mommys legs and start rubbing her pussy. She tries to resist but she can’t hold back her moans. She finally admits what you already knew, her pussy can’t resist you. You rub your mommy, but suddenly stop. She thinks you regret it and starts to apologize but you move her forward and smell her pussy through her panties. You want to taste your mommy. She takes off her bra and tells you to suck on her tits. Your mommy spreads her legs for you, you don’t have a lot of experience so she tells you what she likes. She cums while you lick her clit. Your mommy is begging for your cock, she’s begging for you to put it in. You make her wait. Your mommy loves your big cock fucking her, you call her a slut for letting you fuck her. She loves it, she rides your cock faster. She’s your mommy slut now, just like you planned it. You fuck your mommy so good, she cums really fast and you cum inside her wet pussy XO Fantasy includes: taboo kink mommy roleplay MILF family dirty talk submissive sluts POV POV sex virtual sex blonde hair tattoos pierced pussy big eyes long eyelashes long hair long nails athletic body.


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