Harley Sin – Mommy Daughter Step Daddy

Your wife noticed you staring at her daughters ass by the pool today. Don’t worry, she’s not mad. It must be so hard having such a young version of her around, so wants to take care of you. And besides, your her step-daddy, not her real daddy. She gives you a blow job, but wants to experiment. You game? She ties you up with the handcuffs you bought her. She tells you her game, but it’s not her who’ll be doing something to you.. she will be.. In walks your hot, young step-daughter. She’s so giggly, you look so surprised to see her. Your step-daughter tells you she’s always wanted to fuck you, and that her mommy wanted to get two birds with one stone. Mommy’s fantasy has always been to watch you have sex with another woman. Your step-daughter takes you in her mouth, you cum so quick she swallows it all. Mommy is in the corner touching herself. Your step-daughter asks mommy what she should do now, since your still so hard. Mommy wants you to fuck her daughter, and since you’re all tied up you can’t refuse. Your step-daughter teases you, gets you to suck on her nipples and rides you until she get’s every drop of your cum in her tight little pussy. Mommy loves it so much, she cums while she’s rubbing her clip. Mommy tells her daughter she did such a good job XO Fantasy includes: kink taboo mommy-daughter fantasy threesome mommy roleplay daddy roleplay dirty talk POV POV sex virtual sex family ** This is my first attempt at multiple characters in the same video.. enjoy! I sure did 😉 **


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