Harley Sin - Mean Mommy Makes You Cum

Harley Sin – Mean Mommy Makes You Cum

Your mommy says she has a surprise for you, but she’s acting very strange. She says she bought this new outfit for you. She wants you to admit it, she found your stash of porno mags under your bed. She is a mean mommy, she makes you look at her when she’s speaking. She makes you confess your pornography is sick and twisted, older women dressed up as maids, with their slutty pussy’s and ass’s hanging out, getting fucked by their own sons. Your mommy makes you to admit it, you’ve always wanted to have sex with her. She shows you her bare ass and pussy, just like the women in the magazines. You try to look away but she makes you look. Your mommy is going to punish you for being such a pervert. She says you have to lick her cunt. You try and say no, but she’s so strict, you don’t want to make her angry. You lick your mommy’s pussy and she loves it. She catches you rubbing your cock. Mommy won’t let you have pleasure until she says. Now your mommy wants something else. She wants you to feel what it’s like to be used. Your mommy wants to fuck you. You can’t say no to her, your mommy fucks you the way she likes until she cums XO Fantasy.


Harley Sin - Mean Mommy Makes You Cum

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