Goddess Fiona - Homewrecking Coworker Seduction

Goddess Fiona – Homewrecking Coworker Seduction

Look, you are HOTT. And I am getting soooooo tired of hearing from everyone at the office of what a loving long marriage you and your little co-working wife have. Seriously… 25 years and no other women prior to her??? Give me a fucking BREAK. You are way too hott to not have gotten around just a little bit. Not to mention, your wife just keeps going on and on and on about it too.That little snit is really getting on my nerves, and since I like to play little games just for the hell of it, I am determined to end this and crush her perfect marriage. Day after day I arrange to corner you in your office. You reject me at first… but each time I manage to get a little further, before your stupid wife has to knock on the door and almost catch us!!! She’s always ruining the fun. I can’t wait to get my mouth wrapped around your cock, and I really just want to hop on and ride you. Your wife doesn’t fuck you like I do!!! Plus, I’ll even let you cum inside!!! I can’t wait for us to catch us one day… I am dying to see the look on her face as she catches us in the act. She really should have kept her stupid mouth shut, I wouldn’t have stolen and fucked her hott husband if she would have. hahahahahah I love being a homewrecker!


Goddess Fiona - Homewrecking Coworker Seduction

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