F*king my sons friend - Deals a Deal - Missbehavin26

F*king my sons friend – Deals a Deal – Missbehavin26

Ok so here is my idea you are my best friends mom you are very professional and a bit of a gold digger . I am Vinny your sons14yo best friend who has pretty much grown up with your son. my parents are good friends with you and your husband who is a successful man who is backed by my rich father. even though they are good friends your husband relies on my fathers money heavily. that’s some backstory lol. at family meetings and playdates with me and your son you notice me beginning to notice you staring at you and sometimes noticing a bulge in my pants you think its cute despite being a bit embarrassed by it but your husband who has also noticed it and is not happy about it to the point where it has caused some friction between him and my parents. knowing that your husband relies heavily on my father and will not have as much money you quickly devise a plan. you come over one day while my parents are at work to discuss things. dressed very professionally dark dress or something similar hair up sexy lingerie under . you explain the situation to me and tell me you’ll do anything to maintain the friendship of your husband and my father. so you make me a deal if I promise to be good while your husband is around meaning no staring and no boners you’ll appease my curiosity as you know I am young always horny feeling lots of new sexual urges and the best way suppress the urges is to appease them so that’s what you will do. you get me to pull my pants down(or pull them down yourself) get on your knees and give me a final “do we have a deal?” comment. with my agreement you begin stroking me telling me you might actually enjoy this too because of how big I am and about how you secretly have been looking for an excise to see it. you go between blowing me and striking me while dirty talking. after not a long time I explode shooting cum all over you.at first a bit angry I didn’t warn you and now there is cum on your face and dress you move to impressed at how big a load id stored up knowing it was mostly because of you. you quickly notice that I’m still hard and horny and say how a deals a deal that that since my urges aren’t satisfied yet your going to have to step your game up. you stand up and begin striping and teasing me a bit still covered in cum finally once nude you climb on and begin riding cowgirl sure that this wont take long. your ride me now surprised at my stamina and shocked at how much you are enjoying yourself you switch between sitting up so I can watch your tits bounce and leaning in to dirty talk in sensual almost whispers to me through moans. you do this until you feel yourself orgasm uncontrollably and exclaims its the biggest you have ever had and way better than your husband . and as you come down off your high you notice that I have gone soft. again you yell me I need to warn you but that luckily your in the pill. however you then tell me that as long as I keep giving you orgasms like that you will continue to help me with my urges but to keep it only between us. (dirty talk should always be about my age, my relationship with your son, how shocked you are with yourself for acyually doing this, how angry your husband would be if he knew, the fact that from now on you and I will have this as a secret and that from now on while were all together ill be thing about how your fucking his wife and the same about your friends mom and that you’ll be thinking the same thing about me and what ever you can think of but you get the jist.


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