Fooling Around with Step-Mom - Ashley Albans

Fooling Around with Step-Mom – Ashley Albans

You’re sitting in the kitchen watching your step-mom prepare dinner. She is wearing a loose blue dress and you’re just watching her ass jiggle underneath it as she moves around. The two of you are basically the same age, and whenever you come home to visit you can’t help but wish you were the one fucking her. She tries to act like she’s older but it’s such bullshit. She catches you staring so you decide to go for it and compliment her ass. She smiles, says that it’s flattering, but it’s completely inappropriate for you to flirt with her like that. You decide to keep pressing. You mention how your dad isn’t around and that she should be with a younger man who will appreciate and fuck her more. She starts thinking and agrees that your dad should be here. She decides that you two can’t actually do anything together since she doesn’t want to cheat, but if you two both strip and masturbate, it’s more like watching porn…very naughty porn.
She starts to strip and tease you by finally lifting up her dress so you can see the ass you have been dreaming about. She says that you should take out your dick and stroke it for her. She slips out of her dress and begins to remove her bra as well. She says that since she’s your step-mom, you should call her mommy. She laughs saying that she knows it’s fucked up, but it kind of makes this even hotter. Your dick agrees. She strips down to completely nude and shakes her fat ass right in your face. She bends over the counter and rubs her pussy while telling you to stroke harder. You blow a massive load as she cums hard. She says that you have to keep this a secret, but maybe you guys can fool around again in the future.

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Fooling Around with Step-Mom - Ashley Albans

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