FifiFoxxFantasies - Carmen Valentina - Mom & Daughter are Sold to Stranger POV

FifiFoxxFantasies – Carmen Valentina – Mom & Daughter are Sold to Stranger POV

Carmen Valentina, Akira, POV, you lost your job so you’ve come up with a little “arrangement” to make money – you’ll make your wife and daughter escort together, you already have their first client waiting outside the bedroom door, they don’t want to do it but they realize they have no choice, your wife tries to protect your daughter but she must participate, you watch and jerk off while the stranger uses your family, your wife and daughter take turns pleasuring the man stroking and sucking his cock & then get fucked by him, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, virtual sex, missionary, mom tries to comfort daughter, virtual creampie, you have a whole list of clients ready to fuck them, boy girl girl, BGG, dad, father, older man, older woman, MILF, teen, brunette, strangers** Your wife and daughter, Akira, thought it was creepy and odd that you’d ask them to put lingerie on. “No, we’re not going to escort for you,” she snapped, “I’m not going to have sex with a random stranger for money. It’s not our fault you lost your job!” It wasn’t that you were “too lazy” to find another one, like your wife thought, it’s just that this little arrangement you had set up, “to fuck a mom and daughter,” would be far more rewarding and profitable. Your wife argued that Akira barely had any sexual experience with boys, and that you were a sick father for making her do such a disturbing thing. “You can’t seriously be asking us to do this…” she continued. “And together? This can’t be the only way to pay rent around this house.” They could ramble on all they wanted, their first client was already waiting outside the bedroom door and you were going to watch everything. You’d make sure they did their job, and you’d you get off to it. You invited the man into the room, sat in the corner of the room, and watched as your wife tried to comfort your daughter. “You should be ashamed of yourself,” she told the stranger, “you’re a disgusting pervert.” They realized there was no way out of the situation, so your wife told the man to focus on her and not Akira. That was too bad, however, because he had paid for two girls and he’d get his money’s worth. He’d start off by making them kiss one another, then he’d have his way with both of them. Despite not wanting to do it, they had to suck it up and pleasure the man. They’d take turns stroking and sucking his cock, then they’d get fucked by him. You jerked off watching them cry and whine as they were degraded. Your wife and daughter comforted one another as he thrusted in and out of them, but this was just the beginning. You had a whole list of clients waiting their turn. These two would learn the true value of a dollar and what an honest day of work was.


FifiFoxxFantasies - Carmen Valentina - Mom & Daughter are Sold to Stranger POV

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