Dommelia - Mummys Cruel Foreplay

Dommelia – Mummys Cruel Foreplay

That’s right, son. Bowing down on the floor where you belong, where you must always be whenever my bull comes around. He’s in the shower now, I called him round as I was feeling horny. You know how much I love watching him beat the living daylights out of you, it really is the perfect foreplay to get me in the mood. I’ll be sitting here watching you plead and cry as he beats you, whilst I get more and more turned on. He’s so big, strong and masculine, nothing like the scrawny weak cunt that you are. Once he’s left you bruised and battered, you’ll take your place in the corner and watch the man who beat you fuck your mummy. In fact, I might call you over whilst we’re fucking and make you lick my feet. Oh, and by the way, you’ll be sucking his cock too beforehand to warm him up. Now, little bitch, let me hear you beg to be beaten! Haha, that’s right, I love how you’re so terrified of me! Terrified of the consequences of disobeying me. I think I hear him coming now, assume the prayer position like the helpless little cunt you are, it’s time for your beating!


Dommelia - Mummys Cruel Foreplay

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