Diaper Perv - AB Mommy Loosey Bedtime Breastfeeding

Diaper Perv – AB Mommy Loosey Bedtime Breastfeeding

Adult baby mommy Loosey Lu is interacting with you with your singing elephant & playing peek-a-boo. She diaper checks you throughout the whole videos, from time to time. It’s snacktime before bed & she gets your bib on & into the high chair….it’s yummy carrots. Mommy plays airplane with you!! After eating in the high chair, it’s time for you to get into your huge crib and mommy changes your diaper before bed… taking off your swelled pissy soaked diaper & sliding a nice dry rearz safari on your butt! She closes it up and slides into the crib beside you to feed you your bottle in your matching safari bottle… but you don’t want it!! You spit it out & mommy figure out you want mommy’s boobies! Yay, she takes out her boobie so you can suckle on it (for a nice long time…. minutes!!!!) while she humms to you & gives you diaper pats as you slowly drift off to nini with Mommy Loosey in your ABDL crib


Diaper Perv - AB Mommy Loosey Bedtime Breastfeeding

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