Deria - Mommy Watches the TV

Deria – Mommy Watches the TV

Created as a custom clip, no names used. Customer request: POV mode. Wear mommy clothes with bra. Whispering throughout. Close up shots. Just blowjob with dildo. I assume you got the idea what I am into. We both watching tv with dad. On couch. You come sit closer to me. Talk dirty. Kiss me a lot. Hold your dress up showing your boobs with bra. Fondle your bra sometime then take your boobs out. Saying how long I’ve been waiting to get hands on those. Tell these are your and can have it anytime. Ask me to lick your tits. Say how i grabbed your boobs and fingered you at the dinner table Occasionally stop and pull your boobs and move away because dad talking. Then tell me to lay my head on your lap so that i can lick your boobs easily. Place camera on your lap facing upwards. Few times pull your boobs in to bra because dad was talking. Kiss. Ask me to take my cock out. Say dad won’t notice. Start giving me hand job. Dirty talk. like if dad wasn’t here i will let you fuck me. Then Place camera on tripod facing downwards to crotch start giving blowjob looking me. Tell me to cum in your mouth so there would be no evidence. I cum. Dad asks (just pretend) if we’d like anything. You say you’re full, giving naughty smile to me. And ask aren’t we. When dad goes to kitchen, kiss me, talk dirty and say to act normal. Dad comes in and sit. place camera on tripod facing downwards to couch or hold camera and lay like you’re laying on my lap. Move to camera or hold camera closer and kiss. More boob play.


Deria - Mommy Watches the TV

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