Daras Daily Taboo - Spying Son Caught Wanking - Full Scene

Daras Daily Taboo – Spying Son Caught Wanking – Full Scene

My son is such a pervert! Can you believe I caught him spying on me TWICE! First, I was in the bathroom, just home from work and happy to be ready to relax! I don’t know how long he was there watching, but I got naked, brushed my teeth, took a pee, and noticed him watching when I bent over to start my bath! And then, just a couple hours later, I was trying to get some well needed “Me Time” in my bedroom… I don’t know how much he saw but, I was definitely full on masturbating! I watched some porn on my phone and got undressed! I even pulled out my dildo and started fucking myself! I was at it for at least five minutes before I caught him spying on me! That little pervert! I was so upset, I slammed the door in his face! I mean, how embarrassing! We need to have a serious talk! Later that evening, I was tidying up in the kitchen and I came out to see him wanking on the couch! In the middle of the living room! I couldn’t believe it! I went over and snatched his phone from him while he rubbed his dick against it and you’ll never believe what I saw! He had taken pictures of me! While I was in the bathroom, even while I peed! And he had more photos of me completely naked, lets spread on the bed with a dildo in my pussy! That’s so crazy! What’s wrong with him! But, I needed to stay calm. He’s just a boy and these are all normal feelings he is having. This is the perfect opportunity for us to have that talk. We can make a learning experience out of this. I can teach him to respect women, and not take pervy photos of them without them knowing! He is a bit embarrassed, but is keen to learn. It’s a bit strange that he is getting off to his own mother, but, I’d rather he learn with me before making mistakes in the real world! I ask him what made him turned on about me? Was it my boobs? I show them to him and teach him how to rub a woman’s breasts. My silky night gown is quite revealing, so it’s easy to unbutton and slip off my shoulders. He is clearly getting hard. It’s ok, I’ll help him learn. I bet he is still a virgin, this would be so embarrassing to let him in the real world if I don’t bring him up right! I tell him to take off his pants, and we get comfortable with our nudity while we talk about the important things. I was so upset, but I need to remember he is my son, and I have a duty as a mother. He has never had a blow job, so I make him understand what it feels like. He gets very hard, very fast. Oh boy, he clearly needs to get some experience. Good thing he has me to help. I give him a nice blowjob and hand job while we talk. He’s doing quite well, but I can feel his dick throbbing. I ask him if he is a virgin and says yes. He should know what it feels like, and know how to treat a woman. I won’t be long anyhow, I just want to show him, that’s all. I sit on his dick from the front and he watches my tits bounce up and down while I ride him. He is very hard, I can feel it throbbing. I don’t spend too much time riding him before I turn around so he knows what it feels like when I’m in reverse cow-girl. This is a great position for lovers and he should learn these things so he can be a good man when he leaves home. I can’t believe it though, I barely even ride his dick for a minute and I feel a hot warm burst inside me. Oh my goodness, he just came inside me. I teach him that’s called a cream pie, but I’m quite shocked. I’m his mother, and I know it was his first time, but he couldn’t even hold it back! We are seriously going to need to talk. I need to keep my cool and make sure he is better prepared next time…


Daras Daily Taboo - Spying Son Caught Wanking - Full Scene

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