Dani Sorrento - Aunt Takes Your Virginity

Dani Sorrento – Aunt Takes Your Virginity

I have had my eye on you since I first got to our family reunion. I follow you to your room and talk about how handsome you got. I mean you must have a girlfriend. You don’t?! That doesn’t seem right, well are you a virgin? Did you at least kiss someone yet? Well why don’t you practice with your favorite Aunt right now. You are a natural Nephew! I just knew you would be. I see you got a little excited from kissing, why don’t I use my mouth on you another way…just stand up and I’ll take care of that. Things start to progress once I have your hard cock in my mouth. I take off my shirt and let my hair down, continuing to enjoy your cock. Another part of me wants to enjoy your cock too, just lay back for me. I take off my pants and straddle you. Now you won’t be a virgin anymore! I go slow, but go faster as I get more and more into it. I lean in and kiss you while I ride you hard. I have been in control so far, but I really wanna see what you can do now. I lay back and let you fuck me. I can’t believe this is your first time, you are so good at this! I am enjoying it so much, already close to cumming, but then my hubby calls me. I answer the phone and try to keep quiet, making an excuse for where I disappeared to. Oh no, I think I am gonna cum! I keep trying to get my hubby off the phone and eventually do, but then I realize you are close to cumming also. I can’t have you cum in me, that would be wrong. Just straddle my chest and cum in my mouth. I start to hear a noise just outside the door as you are about to cum, but it is too late. You release your load with your cock not in my mouth. What a mess we made!

Dani Sorrento - Aunt Takes Your Virginity

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