Clara Crisp - Making Stepson Be My Practice Daughter

Clara Crisp – Making Stepson Be My Practice Daughter

We need to talk. I know your dad said you could stay with us, but I’m the one that is home and has to deal with you all the time. You disgust me, you don’t clean and you come home trashed. I’m pregnant and can’t deal with the stress you cause. I’ve been thinking that that punishment should fit the crime, if you want to live here. You came home so trashed the other night that you pissed the bed. I think you can make yourself useful around here by being my practice baby. I picked up some diapers for you, and you won’t argue with me if you want to keep living here. I expect you to wear diapers and do whatever I tell you to do, and I’ll practice being a mommy for the baby girl I’m pregnant with. You’ll be my little girl for now. To start with, put on your diaper, and you’re going to use the diaper so I can practice changing you. I’ll give you some help, since a little girl needs help getting her diaper on. I even picked out some cute, frilly outfits for Mommy’s little princess. I expect you to call me Mommy, since I’m going to be a Mommy- show me you can be a good girl for Mommy. I also picked up some baby food for your meals; you’ll be eating purees, lots of veggies so my little girl is healthy. Don’t spit your food out unless you want a pat on the bottom. You have to be good for Mommy. I’ll give you mashed bananas after if you eat all of your food. Are you actually going to throw a tantrum? You can have some soft foods later. We have some errands to do, and no, you can’t change. You’re going to ride in the backseat, since that is safest for little ones. I expect you to start complaining less, because you’re going to be my practice girl for a while. If you need to go pee, you need to use your diaper. You have no problem pissing in your bed, so you can piss in the diaper. You should do it before we leave, unless you want to be stubborn and do it while we’re out. I’ll get you changed into a nice dry diaper. If you’re good while we’re out, I’ll take you for ice cream. Are you getting cranky about all of this shopping? I don’t know about getting ice cream since you got cranky. You have to say, “sorry, Mommy” and “yes, Mommy.” We’re going to go to an ice cream place and go inside. We can use the bathroom there to change you. You’re not going to use the potty, since Mommy needs the practice changing you. I don’t care if someone sees us. You’re my little practice daughter now. I expect you to do as you’re told. You’ll have to get used to this, and you will have my help in the bathroom. Now that you’re clean an dry, we’re going to go home. Since you’ve been so cranky, you need a nap. Mommy needs some peace and quiet. Maybe you’ll be in a better mood when you wake up.


Clara Crisp - Making Stepson Be My Practice Daughter

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