Butt3rflyforu - Mommy Knows Best

Butt3rflyforu – Mommy Knows Best

You have been dating a girl from school and she is just a big tease and bitch that usually leaves you hard, sore and blue balls! Today is no different. You come running home with an aching hard on because your girlfriend was teasing you under the lunch table at school. Mommy knows exactly what is wrong. She just has to look in your pants to see your huge erection that can’t go down!!! Mommy tells you , “I told you to get rid of her”, “she never does anything good for you”!!!!! Mommy tells you to unzip your pants and let mommy work her magic because mommy knows best how to make that aching boner go away. Mommy turns on some sexy strip music and begins her erotic dance moves telling you to jerk your cock to her tight body and huge tits!!!You begin listening to her every word and slowly you start seeing precum dripping. Mommy shakes her big tits and lovely round ass right in your face and you feel like you are about to explode. Mommy gets on her knees and opens her mouth wide and you begin ejaculating right into mommy’s warm mouth. Her eyes open wide as you drain yourself and she swallows!!!! Now go back to school and stop talking to that girl!!!! Mommy knows best!


Butt3rflyforu - Mommy Knows Best

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