Butt3rflyforU - Consoling Mommy On Her Birthday HD

Butt3rflyforU – Consoling Mommy On Her Birthday HD

It’s my birthday and of course I have no one to spend it with. Your dad is gone…again…out of town and leaves me all by myself….You are my sweet boy and of course offer to stay home with me and do things with me on my birthday, but I tell you no way, don’t change your plans. You insist and go a step further and offer me a birthday massage….oh boy! I can’t resist that !!!! I begin taking off my satin robe showing my bare shoulders. “Oh my sweet young son, this feels soooo good..” “Mommy is so tense and tight”…..That feels so good….You tell me to let you rub my legs….I take my robe completely off…just leaving mommy’s thong and bra…..You begin to get aroused…..looking at me ….you are only 14, but your hormones raging….mommy’s body is so hot, you always jerk off in your bed thinking of what her pussy would feel like,what it feels like to have mommy’s lips around your throbbing , young cock..you begin rubbing me on my legs…you can see pussy lips between her legs and under her thong…….”Uhhhh…honey…..umm…what’s that ? You have a huge tent in your pants”…honey..did you get aroused by massaging me? Oh dear , ,my young baby….sit here….let me see….Oh my…you are getting so large down there….take it out…let mommy help you…let me show you how to release that build up…”I didn’t mean for this to happen”….Let mommy take care of that…Mommy’s hands and lips will feel good honey…It’s the least I can do since it is my fault you got aroused….showing my baby boy by bra and panties probably wasn’t a good idea…..now I will help you…I LOVE YOU!!! ENJOY!


Butt3rflyforU - Consoling Mommy On Her Birthday HD

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