Missbehavin26 - Sharing a bed with Mommy on ur Roadtrip

Missbehavin26 – Sharing a bed with Mommy on ur Roadtrip

Lucky u , mom took u on a roadtrip but it just doesnt seem to be her day. You get to the hotel lobby to find out they reserved a room with one bed….she tries to have them switch but its too bad the hotel is full. She asks u if ur ok with sharing a bed and she will make it up to u tomorrow.
The days troubles dont end there for mom, as u peak through the bathroom door u see her changing and she tells u she packed the wrong bag…she only has a tank top to wear to bed and well a few curse words to go with but u love her anyway. Mom is tired you both get to bed, u lay there face to face peering down at her perky breasts in her little tight tank top….then she rolls over and ur hard on cant help itself…u stick her….u keep poking her….it feels too good….u poke again and a gain , moms annoyed but she loves u and helps u to fall eventually…..buy this video to find out how she figures out a way to get u to bed πŸ˜‰

Missbehavin26 - Sharing a bed with Mommy on ur Roadtrip

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