Butt3rflyforU - Panty Shopping With Mommy

Butt3rflyforU – Panty Shopping With Mommy

Honey I just need you to behave in this store for 10 minutes…It’s the last store I need to shop in and they are having an unreal panty sale and I want to buy some. Just sit down in the dressing room and behave…play your Nintendo or Gameboy…just let me try on a few pairs….”What do you think of this pair honey?”…”oh these are nice”….thong…double strap…hmmm..what is happening to you? Is that an erection in your pants? Do you get excited watching mommy try on panties? OMG…now it all makes sense…I am missing several pairs and now I know where they are! You are masturbating to them aren’t you? You are jerking off and sniffing them aren’t you? Well well…now I know your secret…it’s ok….it’s our secret!!! But now I want you to take your hard , young cock out for mommy and start stroking it…show me what you do at home….now you have me in person and you can cum in any pair that you wish…I’ll even let you sniff my vagina! Look at it…..sniff it….keep stroking honey…right at the tip…the very sensitive part …the part that makes you cum!!! Pick a pair and I will buy it for you…I will give you these…as a souvenir!!!! I love you honey! ENJOY!


Butt3rflyforU - Panty Shopping With Mommy

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