Bettie Bloem - Hubby Is My Son's Cuck

Bettie Bloem – Hubby Is My Son’s Cuck

Body comparison, dirty talking, story-telling adventure! Upon returning from work, I give you a unique kiss that tastes quite different from what you’re used to. You listen as I describe my dirty afternoon and my plan for our new arrangement. My son, your step son, returns from football practice and leaves the shower without covering up. What do you think your beloved wife did? Do you think I looked away? I did not! I could NOT get over how hung your step son was! As you can imagine, he saw me staring and, after some flirting–even though I knew it was wrong–I became turned on my him, and he noticed how flushed I was and told me to join him in his bedroom. What do you think I did? Lot’s of dirty talk, cock size comparison, how I worshiped his cock, how his diamond cock fucked me and reenacting how I stripped for him. We aren’t having sex anymore because my son is superior to you. But don’t worry, Darling, he will let you watch us fuck so you know what it looks like when a real man fucks. Poof! You are my son’s Cuck! Kindly find somewhere else to lay your head at night…

Bettie Bloem - Hubby Is My Son's Cuck

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