Your God Hex - Milk it for Step-Mommy

Your God Hex – Milk it for Step-Mommy

It’s no secret that you’re into me – I see the way you stare when your Step-Father isn’t looking. Gawping at my cleavage over the breakfast table, sneaking peaks at me when I come out of the shower in a towel. You are head over heels for your Step-Mommy. One day, when your Step-Father is out of town, I decide that I’m going to take advantage. I want to see you stroke that cock for me, I want to see how hard and drippy you get for your Step-Mom. I want you to follow all of my instructions – otherwise I’ll be telling your Step-Father. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?


Your God Hex - Milk it for Step-Mommy

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