The Pink House – The Step Mommy Eats You Hope

You catch your shrunken step-son in bed and say you saw him watching you eat the other day. You scold him a little and tell him you know about his secret vore fetish by going through his search history. Teasing him about how he probably wished he was the food you were eating and threaten to eat him by playfully showing off your mouth. You say you think he might have an unhealthy obsession with wanting to be eaten, and say you have to to punish him. You teasingly open your mouth again and say : “If you want, I can eat you..”. You seductively say you can help him fulfill his fetsh. You tell him you’re going to have to swallow him whole, figuring once he experiences it he won’t desire it anymore. You describe in great detail what will happen when you swallow him (saying things like “sliding my throat” or “ending up in my belly”;) . Tease the camera by sensually opening your mouth (mouth close-ups) kissing and licking at it. While doing this you say he tastes good, and constantly say things like “You want to go inside my mouth?” or “Want to end up in step-mom’s stomach?” Finally you say you’re actually getting hungry, and you lift (the camera) up, slowly open your mouth (another final close-up), and end it with a shot of rubbing your stomach.. — Info, requests and more.. contact me! You can see my email address on the top of the page.


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