Tessa Tryst - Mommy's Special Helper

Tessa Tryst – Mommy’s Special Helper

Hi honey. Mommy needs your help with something. It’s a little unconventional, so you have to promise you won’t tell ANYONE. Well, I’ve been horny allll day… I need you to help me have an orgasm. No, I’m serious! You know what it’s like to be super horny and NEED to cum. It’s just you and me here… Mommy wants to cum with you. I rub my big tits through my pretty black lace bra. I know you’ve been looking at my cleavage a lot lately. Do you want to see them? I pull out my huge breasts and show you how hard my nipples have gotten. Hmm, looks like they’re not all that’s hard… why don’t you show Mommy yours? Wow, I can’t believe how big you are! You’re so hard, and it makes me so horny. Look how hard my nipples are right now. Would you like to touch them? I moan as you roll my stiff nipples between your fingers. Then I ask you to show me how you like to stroke your cock before I reach for it and start stroking it for you! It turns me on so much, I need you to kneel between my legs and make Mommy feel good. I pull off my panties, showing you my wet hairy pussy before I tell you exactly how to pleasure me. Playing with my huge tits, I grind and fuck your face until I’m so horny I NEED to be filled up. Do you understand what I mean, honey? Come here, stand up and get in between Mommy’s legs. Now just rub that hard dick up and down my slit, and push it right inside me! Wow, I can’t believe how good my son’s cock feels inside me. You’re so good at this, sweetie. You know what to do. Now shoot a big load inside your fat mommy while she cums all over your dick!


Tessa Tryst - Mommy's Special Helper

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