Tara Tainton - Your Mother Has a Thing or Two to Teach You

Tara Tainton – Your Mother Has a Thing or Two to Teach You

Honey… do you want to tell your mother why you’ve been feeling a big depressed and frustrated lately, or do I need to share with you what your teacher told me in our conference this afternoon? Honey… I know – your teacher knows – that you’ve been ogling her breasts during class, and you’re not at all paying attention to her lessons. And you have a problem getting HARD during class? Honey, you need to learn how to control that reaction, like all grown men do. I know you think your teacher is hot… but that’s inappropriate. And frankly, her tits aren’t that big. You know your mother’s are much larger. Honey, you need to learn to work off that sexual frustration, not worry about losing your virginity and knowing how to please a woman, and concentrate on your schoolwork again. I think I can help… now, while I show you why your teacher’s tits just aren’t really impressive, I want you to get your boner out for me. Okay? MY… that is a HUGE problem. I can see why you’re so tense and… backed up. Now, we’re going to drain those big balls and get your mind back on your schoolwork. I can also teach you how to fuck properly so you can satisfy the girls at school, okay? We’ll just take it slowly, and I’m going to guide you into my pussy – gently! – and school you every step of the way. Then, mommy’s going to milk your cock, empty all that warm cream, and you’re going to give your mother a hot cream pie. DO you know what a cream pie is, honey? Well, you’re going to learn… Remember, only I can be your true sexy object for SERIOUS DEEP FUCKING.

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Tara Tainton - Your Mother Has a Thing or Two to Teach You

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