Tammie Madison - Exercise with Mom

Tammie Madison – Exercise with Mom

Before going for a run Mom likes to stretch legs and back from the comfort of her bed. However, today she has a little mishap when trying to get a deeper stretch in her back. Still determined to get out for her run, Mom calls you into her room to give her a helping hand. Each time Mom tries to target her lower back and thighs while stretching she gets a little stuck. If you could just help manipulate legs and push your body against her for a bit more pressure it would really help.
As you help move Mom’s body around and lean into her legs, you cannot help but get a little excited. The moans she lets out with each stretch a bit too much to take. When Mom accidentally pushes back into and feels your growing bulge she gets another idea. Maybe it would be easier if she were to just remove her shorts for stretching.
Finally, Mom decides that you two should forego the stretching altogether. It would be far better for her warm-up if she were to do something more energetic, like jumping or bouncing. The best way to get that type of movement is for you to be inside of Mom. Mommy wants you to be fucked and to ride you. She has decided that being pumped full of your cum would be the best possible warm-up and why would you ever want to deny Mom of what she wants?


Tammie Madison - Exercise with Mom

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