This is the first Valentine’s your mom is spending alone since the divorce. What seems like a regular day feeling unappreciated and forgotten you go out shopping for your mom. Your gift of chocolates, strawberries and whipping cream start off innocent and catch me by surprise. It’s so nice of you to come home for a visit since moving out and I can’t believe how grown up you are! My little boy has turned into a man! You’re even more thoughtful then dad…..that damn husband of mine always working and not noticing me. I’ve missed you so much and so impressed with the Valentines Day surprise. I’ll put a little whipping cream on the strawberries and enjoy for a bit….. What’s that son, you think I’m sexy?! I’m very flattered but do you think you should say that to your mom? It seems like you are flirting, are you? Son, um how come I see a boner in your pants? Omg your bulge is so big, it’s bigger than daddy’s dick. I’m not sure what to do, I’m getting horny and my pussy is getting really wet. This is so wrong! I just can’t help staring at how huge you are! I’m such a size queen, do you think I could look at your cock? How about I show you my tits…..we will keep this our secret. Wow look at that huge cock of yours I must touch it, can I? Can I jerk you off as a thank you for my gift? This feels so naughty yet so hot. I want to stroke you off so hard and lick all your hot jizz up. Yes your mom is a cum eater and that load of yours I just have to swallow. Starring Madison Stone.


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