You’re opening the fridge, as your Step-Mom , Katy Faery, stops you.. ” Step-Son .” She asks you how you’re doing, and if you’ve noticed the calendar on the fridge. Your Step-Mom shows how her entire week has been filled up with presents from your siblings . Your Step-Sister bought her a certificate for the hair salon to use on Wednesday, and your Step-Brother got her a nail appointment, and a massage . “I was just wondering where my gift is, from you?” You haven’t had a lot of extra money lately, so you didn’t buy her anything. Honestly, it slipped your mind completely that it was even Step-Mother’s Day . Katy tells you that she already knew you wouldn’t have anything for her. She’s your Step-Mom .. So she knows you too well. Luckily, Katy has thought about it…And she knows what she wants for Step-Mother’s Day from you. Katy starts to rub her breasts through her white lace shirt. “You and I both know your Step-Dad has been gone a long time.” She doesn’t want to cheat on him with a random other man, and the toys just don’t please her anymore. “So, I thought maybe I could keep it in the family ? And you can make up a great Step-Mother’s Day gift.” Katy asks you what you think, and tells you it will be your little secret . No one ever has to know, definitely not your Step-Dad . Your Step-Mom tells you that she’s going to show you what a real woman looks like, and she starts to unzip her blouse from behind. “You’ve only got to see me in one mode, Step-Son . You have’t got to see my in all of my….modes.” Katy rubs her ass through her jeans, and continues to unzip her top. Katy turns back around, and slowly pulls down her top…leaving a white bra . “This is what a real woman’s breasts look like. Big, and juicy.” Katy tells you that she has the best ass , too. She brags about how all the men at the bar used to say she had the best ass in town, and she still does. Katy pulls down her jeans, leaving a tiny white lace thong that matches her bra . “Yes, I’m a Step-Mom …and I wear thongs , too!” Katy stands in front of you in just a thong and bra . She turns around, and slowly peels down her thong over her ass . “See this sexy mature ass ?” Your Step-Mom tells you to get a good look, and spreads her ass cheeks apart. “Now, come here and let me show you how I won your Step-Dad over. Let me show you how a real woman sucks .” She pulls your cock out of your pants, and starts to suck at the tip of your cock . She tells you that you and your Step-Dad have around the same size cock . “This is the best Step-Mother’s Day gift!” Your Step-Mom deep throats and sucks every inch of your cock , then tells you she wants to do something a little more fun. Katy bends over the stove, grabs your cock ..and shoves it deep in her wet pussy . She moans and spreads her ass apart as you thrust in and out of her. “Yes! Fuck me, Step-Son !” Katy tells you to let Step-Mommy just on top, so she can show you how she rides. Your Step-Mom jumps on top of you, and starts to ride your cock . You lay on the kitchen floor as she bounces up and down on your hard young dick . She reminds you that you can’t tell anyone that this happened, and maybe it can happen again. Katy shows off her muff , and tells you that a real woman has hair down there. “Now I want you to get on top of me and show me your skills. Baby , shove that big cock inside of me.” Your Step-Mom lays back on the floor, as you shove your cock in her ready pussy . She tells you that when you cum , she wants you to cum together…and she wants you to cum inside of her. You hesitate at first, but she assures you she is on birth control- No more youngins for her. So you thrust in and out while on top of her, until you both cum all over each other..and you cum deep inside of her. Your Step-Mom tells you to go clean up before your siblings get home, and to remember – It’s a secret !

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