First Night
Baby what’s wrong? It’s the middle of the night. I’m sorry you had a nightmare but you need to try and get some rest. No baby, I can’t stay in your bed, mom has her own bedroom with Daddy… Honey, it will go away, just try to got to sleep… I can’t help you with that.. Okay, okay, just be quiet, I’ll show you what to do this one time but this has to be a secret…
Second Night
Honey, not again… Mommy is very tired. I don’t want to hear it. I showed you what to do last night. You can do it yourself… Okay, I’ll stay with you for a minute and make sure you’re doing it right… Really, this is getting out of hand baby… I can put it in my mouth for a minute, but we have to be quick….
Third Night
We can’t keep doing this… Your father is going to catch us, and you need to learn to do this yourself anyway. Look, this is the last time I’m helping you, I mean it… Yes it feels good… I’m going to try something else. This should help, but please remember honey, this is our secret….

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