TabithaXXX - Mommas New Toy W Alternate Ending

TabithaXXX – Mommas New Toy W Alternate Ending

THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO There is a 7 minute alternate ending My son who shrunk when he was in college is jealous of his giant father who gets to have sex with the one woman who drives him wild, me his own mother. He confesses that he is in love with me and would do anything to have him all to himself. After the initial shock and amusement of the thought of my tiny thumbnail sized son being my lover I begin to feel sorry for him and agree to allow him to stay in the room while I change, shower, even us the bathroom if it gets his little tiny pebble sized rocks off. After all he is doomed to never have sex or have much of a life at all now that he is shrunk. My husband is on his way home from work and I decide to give my tiny boy a thrill by letting him hide in my panty drawer and listen to me have sex with his father. It gets him so excited I can tell! After sex with my husband I open the drawer to see his itty bitty tiny boy cum spot on one of my pairs of panties. I ask him if he would would like to see a REAL man mess as I lift him from the panty drawer and dangle him over my pussy covered in big man mess and ask him if he would like to lick it up to see what a real man mess tastes like on his mommy’s pussy? NO??? He could be like mommy’s little cuck boy watching me have sex and then licking it clean after.. He squirms away as if he does not want it. I KNOW he will change his mind for sure. I get dressed and ready to leave and make dinner. Then he DOES in fact change his mind. NOPE too late I am dressed now but if he is a good boy I will let him have a taste when I tuck him into bed tonight. The Alternate ending ….I come back after everyone is IN BED and take cuck son out of his drawer, set him down and taunt him a while with my dripping pussy until he finally gets to become a small part of me if only for a while. I love my tiny son more than ever now.


TabithaXXX - Mommas New Toy W Alternate Ending

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